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Top Reasons to Get An Insurance Policy for Your Domestic Holiday

Holidays don’t all have to be month-long epic trips that take you halfway around the world. In fact, some of the simplest holidays, taken in the form of short breaks in your own country, can be the best.

While if you’re off on long trips abroad, an insurance policy is a given, many people think they can get away without having one for short trips. This is certainly not the case – it is just as vital for a short, domestic trip as for a longer one.

Change of plans

This may be one of the top reasons to get a comprehensive travel insurance policy that will cover you and yours on your break. There are going to be times when flights are cancelled or delayed to the point where you may miss a local travel connection. Whether you are flying to a location then getting a train, or if you are driving long distance to get to your final location, there may be things that come up to alter your travel plans. And when these things do happen – like a freak storm that delays all ferry boat trips, or a closed train station – you will feel better knowing that you are covered financially no matter what.

Loss of luggage

Another of the key reasons to sort out a travel insurance policy even when staying close to home is to cover the potential of losing your luggage on a domestic flight or other form of local transport. While it is often not quite as overwhelming to lose your luggage close to home as it is abroad, you can still be inconvenienced when the flight drops you off at your destination but takes your belongings away on an adventure of their own to another part of the country! It is always better to be covered should this happen to you.


You’re just as likely to lose your personal belongings through theft close to home as anywhere else abroad. There are, unfortunately, unscrupulous operators all over the world preying on unsuspecting tourists. Make sure you cover all expensive items you may be taking with you.

Get cover for every eventuality

When it comes down to it, there are myriad things that can go wrong when it comes to a domestic holiday. Car accidents, car trouble, accommodation mix-ups, train and bus delays – just make sure your insurance policy allows for every possible eventuality. Even if you are the most organised of travellers, it never hurts to have that extra level of protection, just in case.