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Three Top Tips for the Smart Traveller

When it comes to travel, getting ample protection with an iron clad single trip insurance policy is just half the story – albeit a very important half. While there are many things that could go wrong (consider Murphy’s Law), you can significantly lessen the risk by making the right decisions at the get-go. The following top three tips should set you on the correct path towards having a safe and successful travel experience.

Get Good Cover

Don’t leave home without the security of at least a single trip insurance package-or if you intend to travel several times a year, the annual multi-trip option might suit you better. Travelling without the benefit of a good policy is at best risky and at worst can be downright disastrous. If anything were to happen at any time during your trip – your flight is cancelled, you lose your belongings, you develop a medical condition – your experience is not only greatly diminished, it can actually turn into a nightmare. But if you purchase a policy from a reputable company, all you need to worry about is having a great time.

Get Recommendations From the Locals

Sure, those well-written and meticulously researched travel guides are great, but nothing beats getting the right information from the people who actually live there. Impossible, you might say. But thanks to the Internet, you can actually ask locals for their recommendations before you actually arrive at your destination. This is possible through free services such as Google+: choose people who live in the city where you’re going and ask them what they can recommend. You can make a list and even compare what the locals say to what is written on travel guides. In that way, you get a more solid sense of your destination. As an aside, the same holds true when buying your single trip insurance: ask for recommendations from people who have recently travelled, especially in relation to the same destination.

Plan to Get Enough Rest

It’s natural for many people to arrive at their holiday destination and spend the next two or three days sleeping! Whether it’s a reaction to travelling times or just winding down from the stresses of life, it’s important to ensure that, during the course of your holiday, you listen to your body and take care of your health. The last thing you want to do is have to make the first claim on your single trip insurance policy be for a medical visit due to exhaustion.

The smart traveller will plan rest time into their itinerary – you need to re-energise and refresh in order to fully enjoy all those new experiences. A good way to go about this is to make it a point to return to your apartment or hotel in the afternoon for a few hours of rest time. Moreover, you can alternate your schedule for exploration and recreation: one day you can hit the tourist spots, the following day you may spend time lounging by the pool, in the park or on a beach.