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Get the Best Out of Your Policy

If you are going in for a policy to cover your life, car, home, valuables or anything else, you will need to begin by evaluating the policies that the various companies have to offer. This is the best way to find a cover that will suit your needs and your pocket. The drawback, of course, would be that, this would apply only if what you are looking for is a standard cover. These sites only list how the prices match up for various standard policies. However, before beginning a search, it is better to be clear in your mind about what exactly you are looking for.

The following guidelines give a broad outline of what to look for when checking out these sites:

• The first step would be to create a separate email address so that your regular email address does not get spammed.

• Go with more than one site, as not every site gives you data from every company.

• Work out what kind of policy and what level of cover you need.

• To simplify the results, the answers are often pre-filled. Pay careful attention to them, as they may or may not pertain to your need.

• Make sure all the information you provide is correct.

• In all probability there will be pre-ticked boxes. Pay attention to the ones that you need to tick or un-tick as the need may be.

• The cheapest rates needn’t necessarily be the best. They may not have the right cover and you will end up paying for an invalid policy.

• Do keep in mind the sites that give a comparative evaluation, do just that, they do not give advice on the suitability of a policy for you.

• Finally, read the documentation before you buy a policy. If the documentation is not available on these sites, check them out on the company websites. If the documentation is not available there either, do not buy the policy.

Using evaluation sites work only if you plan to go in for a standard cover policy. It is better to consult with a policy agent if your needs are non-standard. On the other hand, you could get quotes from individual companies that are specific to your needs and make your own evaluation chart, before you decide on the right policy to buy. For further clarification, you could phone each company directly to clear any doubts about the policy or the documentation.