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4 Great Out-Of-Season Travel Destinations

Visiting certain destinations outside the peak season does not mean you get to enjoy your stay less. There are many perks to scheduling your holiday just when everyone else is elsewhere! Everything will be cheaper, including perhaps even your family travel insurance policy – so pack your bags, and consider these top destinations.

The Caribbean in Late November

In the last few weeks of November, just before the official tourist season explodes around Christmas, the Caribbean is a haven of low prices, empty beaches, and an abundance of last-minute offers. What’s more, there are many family travel insurance packages that offer certain perks when you visit the Caribbean at this time of the year. In late November, the hurricane season is more or less over-but don’t worry, you can still enjoy a cancellation protection from your provider just in case the weather acts up for one last disruption. But that is rare, and visiting the Caribbean around this time is often the best way to have the place all to yourself.

Tuscany, Italy in October

There are countless things we can say about the beauty, vibrant culture and food of Tuscany, but let us point out one thing: visit the region in October and you’ll be able to savour the locals’ zest for fun and festivities when most of the tourists have gone home. Also, October is harvest time in Tuscany, and you can immerse in the region’s authentic enthusiasm for its food and wine – again, without the hordes of tourists.

Tanzania in November

In August, wildebeest begin their months-long migration north, and it is a sight that countless tourists clamour for. The consequences, naturally, are exorbitant prices on anything from safari fees to accommodation to family travel insurance. Curiously, however, not many people are as interested in seeing the same herds returning south in November-yet it’s a spectacle as breath-taking as the one in August, yet without the high prices and all the hassle. Moreover, many companies also tend to sweeten the deal for tourists visiting Tanzania at this time, so you can take advantage of the figurative “low-hanging fruits”.

Venice, Italy in November

Full enjoyment of a visit to Venice is somewhat tricky. If you make the mistake of visiting it in the thick of summer, you may recoil from the odours emanating from the otherwise picturesque canals; visit it in the winter and you might end up shivering your way through a miserable experience. But between summer and winter is a small window of awesomeness-lasting a few weeks between October and November-when the number of visitors decreases and you can enjoy perfect weather in one of the world’s loveliest cities.