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Protect With Dread Disease Cover

It is winter time in the Southern Hemisphere. Time for heaters, jerseys and of course the inevitable winter illnesses. All of us are susceptible to winter colds and flu, just as all of us are at risk of falling victim to a more serious illnesses or condition like cancer or a heart attack. Protect yourself with dread disease cover.

Even the healthiest person, one who works out regularly, eats the right foods and does not smoke or drink could fall seriously ill. How often do you hear of a young man struck down in his prime by a heart attack or a health fanatic that falls victim to cancer? While we must do what we can to protect ourselves against serious illnesses we must also face up to the reality that illness waits around the corner for all of us and that we must do what we can to protect ourselves financially against dread diseases.

What is dread disease cover? It is not an income replacement product or a medical aid or even a hospital plan. It is a type of insurance designed to help you overcome a dread disease. In the event that you are diagnosed with one of the illnesses or conditions listed in your policy document your dread disease cover policy will pay out a lump sum. These funds can be used to cover medical bills not paid by your health insurance and to pay your expenses while you are ill or recuperating and unable to work.

Imagine for a moment how your family would survive if you fell seriously ill and were unable to work. How would your bills be paid if you could not work? Would your medical aid pay all your hospital bills? Would you have to use your savings to keep your family afloat and cover medical expenses? With a dread disease cover in place you know that you and your family are financially protected against dread diseases.

This winter as you switch on the heater, buy warm clothes and put extra blankets on the beds make sure that your family is not only protected against cold but against the chance that one day a family breadwinner might fall seriously ill. Remember that just as all of us can catch a cold or the flu so all of us are vulnerable to serious illnesses. Face up to the financial implications of serious illnesses and invest in dread disease cover.