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Everything You Need To Know About Temporary Van Insurance

Temporary van insurance or short term van insurance as it’s also called is a form of insurance policy where you are provided with an insurance cover for only a short period of time-usually 1-28 days. This policy is ideal when you are looking to use your van for only a short time. This can be when moving a house, clearing out your garage or collecting a large purchase. It’s also recommended that you get the cover if your van is your backup vehicle. To be protected when you need to use it, you should get the temporary cover.

How the temporary cover works

If you are interested in the temporary cover you only need to visit your favorite insurance company. When getting the cover you should note that most of the companies have age restrictions. Most of the companies won’t give you a cover if you are below 21 years and above 75 years. While this is the case, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find a cover that will protect you if you are out of this age bracket.

Insurance companies will also pay close attention to your driving history. You will have a hard time getting insured if you have many traffic violations in your records. Other factors that the insurance companies consider include: your income and type of van.

When you are getting cover for your van you should get the one that will provide you with optimum protection and meets your needs. There are two main types of covers that you can go for: third party and comprehensive. Third party cover is cheap but it won’t protect you-it protects the other person. To reduce the risk you should go for the comprehensive cover that covers you and another person that might be injured in the event of an accident. While this cover will be expensive, the extra cost is totally worth it.

When getting the temporary insurance cover, pay close attention to the level of excess that you will be required to pay when you are making a claim. As rule of thumb, ensure that you will be able to afford to pay the amount. Regardless of the length of time that an insurance policy is valid, most of the covers have optional extras. You should take a look at them and choose those that are of value to you. For example, if you feel that the breakdown feature will be of value to you, go for it.


There are plenty of benefits that come with temporary van insurance covers. In addition to saving you a lot of money as you don’t have to get the annual cover, the policy also gives you peace of mind as you know that you are protected even if you will be using your van for only a short time. To have an easy time and enjoy your cover, you should be cautious of the insurance company that you work with. As rule of thumb, ensure that the company is reputable and the policies go at affordable prices.